How To Talk Dirty To Your Man


how to talk dirty1. Introduction To Talking Dirty
2. Why Talk Dirty?
3. The Most Important Part
4. Dirty Talk Doesn’t Have To Be Filthy
5. How Do I Get There?
6. Where To Get Dirty Talk Ideas
7. Setting the Stage
8. Putting Dirty Words in Your Mouth
9. Creative Images in Everyday Life
10. Fine Tuning Your Dirty Bedroom Talk
11. Kicking It Up A Notch: How To Have Phone Sex
12. How To Be Naughty With Dirty Texting
13. Playing Online: Cybersex and Email
14. Dirty Talk in Public
15. Those “Whoa!” Moments
16. Here Are Some Naughty Role Playing Tips And Tricks
17. Girl on Girl Dirty Talk
18. Getting Hard-core
19. Now That You’ve Done It…

Introduction To Talking Dirty

Good dirty talk can rev up your relationship like nothing else. If you’re ready to learn, you’ve come to the right place!

From the very beginning of our lives, our words are anticipated. The smallest “coo” when we are babies is listened to with baited breath. That first giggle is often enough to provoke gales of laughter and maybe even
tears of pride.

At some point, we realize that our sounds can give us what we want. Babies quickly learn that if they cry about something, Mommy and Daddy will be there to take care of the problem. One of the first things we learn is the power behind our voices!

Then we begin to talk. Oh, what a glorious day that is! Parents and doctors wait anxiously for that first comment, and when it comes, it’s cause for celebration. They call friends with the good news, tell strangers at the
grocery store, and break out the video camera. Our first words are showstoppers.

But somewhere along the way, those fantastic words become commonplace, and the magic disappears. Discovering new words becomes a non-event. Even learning a new language isn’t all that impressive. After
all, everyone does it. Learning a new language has become the trendy thing to do.

But there is a different language, one that only seasoned adults can handle. It’s the language of love. More specifically, the language of lust.

It’s the language of dirty talk.

It’s all about taboo phrases, naughty curse words, and innuendo that would make a porn star blush. It’s all about making your partner anticipate what comes next. It’s about making him so eager, so hot, so turned on, that a single word from you can tip him over the edge of desire. With an ear for adventure and an open mind, you can have him hanging on every word.

There was a time when you learned that your voice and your words had the power to move people. Your words had the power to get what you wanted, and to get it fast. Now that you’re an adult, you have that same
power, just ready to be discovered all over again. Your dirty talk can give you what you want in bed — you just have to learn the language.

Read on and find out how. You know you want to!

Why Learn How To Talk Dirty

You might be reading this because your partner has expressed an interest in hearing naughty words in the heat of passion. You might have sought out this book because you are the one who craves those sweet nothings. Maybe you want to liven up your sex life, or maybe you are just curious as to why your partner likes to talk so much in bed. Maybe you are already a fantastic dirty talker who needs a new idea or two, or maybe you’re just in the mood to brush up on your naughty skills.

Whatever the reason, you’ve chosen the right route to get what you need!

Talking dirty has become so much a part of our sexual culture that it has spawned surveys, interviews, forums, books, and research galore. In fact, before it was called “dirty talk,” the art of saying sexual things to your lover with the intent to arouse had a scientific name: Lagnolalia.

There’s good reason for all this scientific interest. Over 80% of our sex life takes place in our heads, meaning that fantasy, memory, and desire are some of the most powerful driving forces behind everything we do behind closed doors. Studies have shown that by the time you actually get physical with your partner, your mind has been leading up to the encounter.

So why not go for the dirty talk? It’s been in the back of your mind all day anyway!

According to Aline P. Zoldbrod, PhD, the author of more than a few books on naughtiness, sexy talk with your partner not only revs up play between the sheets, but enriches your life in ways you never would have
imagined. It makes your partner feel good to know how excited you are, and your excitement makes them feel like the best lover in the world.

That might explain why dirty talk makes you tingle in all the right places, but it doesn’t explain why the naughtiest dirty talk can also be the hottest. It’s one thing to say “fuck” and get a smile, but it’s quite another to
tell your partner exactly how you want to fuck them, in the most graphic terms you can imagine. The dirtier the words, the better. What’s up with that?

One word: Taboo.

From the time we’re young children, we’re taught not to say dirty words. Saying naughty things is not what good girls or boys do. Breaking that taboo with a partner makes you feel like you’re breaking the rules, and
that in turn makes you feel more adventurous.

When the bedroom door closes behind you and those dirty words come out of your mouth, the societal conventions disappear. You might blush like mad, and you might even get a bit paranoid and wonder what would happen if anyone, God forbid, heard you talking like this! You might even get flustered and not be able to speak above a whisper. That’s when you know you’ve just broken down a barrier you might not have known was there in the first place.

The best dirty talk kicks open an even wider door with one very important question: If you can learn how to talk dirty in bed, what else can you do?

Talking dirty unlocks doors you never even knew were there!

Explicit talk is a confidence-booster, too. Not only does it make him hot to hear about the things you want to do with him, it also gives you the satisfaction of knowing how thoroughly you’ve turned your partner on. The naughtier you talk, the sexier you feel. That sexiness doesn’t go away when you leave the bedroom, and the confidence you pull from that spills over into everything else you do.

Most importantly, talking dirty gives you the chance to voice what you really want in bed, whether it be with flowering language or blunt and to the point – either way, it increases your chance of sexual satisfaction.

Zoldbrod points out the benefit of dirty talk: it’s a proven fact that women who talk about their sexual needs have sex more often and are more orgasmic. Who wouldn’t love to test that out?

The Most Important Part Of Talking Dirty

Before you embark on the adventure of learning how to talk dirty to your partner, keep the most important part of sex in mind. No, it’s not your technique in bed, even that one oh-my-god move that makes everyone you’ve ever touched beg for more. It’s not even the dirty talk — though we would love to say it is the most important thing you can do in bed, it really does rank a close second.

What ranks first? Intimacy. Pure, honest intimacy.

There are many definitions of intimacy, but when it comes to romantic relationships, it all boils down to the same thing. Intimacy is the feeling of being close to someone, that warmth and comfort that comes from knowing someone well. It’s more than just sex — in fact, you can have intimacy without having sex at all. Intimacy is the emotional connection and response you have to your partner.

The hottest tumble is nothing compared to the sizzling heat that comes when intimacy is involved. Being comfortable with your partner, eager to please, and ready to open up a part of yourself to him is the key to a great sex life.

But that’s just the start of the good stuff.

As intimacy builds, our inhibitions drop. The more comfortable you become with your sexuality, the more likely you are to embrace every aspect of it, even those you might have once considered taboo. In the midst
of deep intimacy, what was once frightening can be empowering.

Talking dirty is like sharing a secret with your partner, one that only the two of you know and understand. When you’re out and about in public, presenting your best face to the world, nobody but your partner knows how naughty you can really be. When you face your coworkers or your boss or doctor or anyone else, for that matter, they have no idea about the true person you become when you are in bed with your lover.

Your partner is the only one who sees all the hidden sides of you. What a thrill, knowing there is something so special that only the two of you share, and no one else could ever guess!

As you learn how to talk dirty, it opens up a whole new world of possibility. You will probably learn things about your partner that you never imagined, and it’s a sure bet he’s going to learn quite a bit about you! Your willingness to talk dirty to him shows him how much you want him, and that leads to enhanced intimacy between the two of you. The closer you feel to your partner, the better your sex life will be.

But even the deepest intimacy leaves a little room for shyness, and that’s where this book comes in handy. Think you’re too shy for dirty talk? By the time you’re finished reading this, you won’t be! These chapters, designed to take you from the dirty talk basics to the talking dirty like a pro, will get your mind racing, your heart pounding…and your mouth in down-and-dirty gear.

Dirty Talk Doesn’t Have To Be Filthy

When you hear the words “dirty talk,” what is your first response? What do you see in the back of your mind?

Chances are when you think of dirty talk, your first thought is something you’ve seen out of a porn film. It’s over the top, maybe a bit embarrassing. Maybe it’s so “out there” that you can’t imagine doing in
your own bedroom. On the other hand, maybe it’s so filthy that it turns you on, and that in itself makes you feel a little…well, filthy.

You might remember a scene or two of a woman talking nonstop in the dirtiest language she could muster. Maybe even thinking about it makes you blush. But maybe it turns you on at the same time.

When you first begin to explore dirty talk, you’re venturing into an area that has often been considered taboo. No matter how open-minded you are, there might be times when you feel a bit uncomfortable. But some would argue that a sign of really good dirty talk is that it makes you squirm in your seat! After all, if everything about sex were comfortable, what would be exciting about it?

Dirty talk in that porn movie might be over-the-top and corny. But the dirty talk you will learn through this book won’t sound corny at all — it will sound sexy, sophisticated, and oh-so hot.

In other words, don’t try to compete with that porn star. They are reading a script, being fed their lines, and real life is not like that. In real life, you can be sexier than any porn star! It takes some time to get there,
however, so take things slow and start with the basics.

First of all, dirty talk doesn’t have to be filthy. You can show your pleasure – and rev his engine to redline – with the sounds you make. When you moan in pleasure, it tells him he’s doing something right. When you
groan as he enters you, you’re telling him how much you like the way he feels inside you. The way you sigh when you close your eyes and give in to the sensation can make him feel like a king.

The sounds you make, whether it be groaning or screaming or simply heavy breathing, will tell him volumes about how you feel and what you want him to do.

The tone of your voice goes a long way, too. When you whisper in his ear, your voice will be roughened and deepened by the passion you feel. That’s a natural response of your body to his. There’s not a single thing fake
about that sound that comes from your mouth, and your lover will recognize it immediately, in the way that the most primal passions unfold.

Though sweet romantic words and hardcore raunchy ones both have their place, sometimes just whispering a sexy word can be much more effective than just belting it out in the midst of passion. Saying how much
you love the way he touches you is good, but murmuring it into his ear is better. Drop little kisses down his chest while you whisper that you want to taste him. Simple words, nothing raunchy – but the way they are said, with the sultry tone of your voice, is enough to light up all his dials.

The emphasis you put on certain words can immediately create an atmosphere of desire. “Touch me here,” makes it clear where you want his hand. “My turn” might be a good way to let him know you want to be on
top. “Give it to me” says, without a doubt, you want it…whatever “it” might be.

Get creative with the simple, usual words you use in bed, and use the emphasis to make your wishes clear.

Here are a few more “not dirty talk” examples:

  • I love it when you touch me there.
  • Right there, honey. That’s it. Right there.
  • Don’t stop.
  • I love it when you look at me like that.
  • Do that again…and again!
  • You’re so good at this.
  • That makes me melt…
  • I love the way you feel against my skin.
  • Your body is perfect.
  • Lay back and let me play with you for a while!
  • You taste so good.
  • You make me feel so good.
  • Tell me how you want it.
  • I can’t stop shaking…I want you so much.
  • You make me so hot.
  • My whole body feels alive!
  • How do you do such things to me?
  • Your body turns me on.
  • Watch what you’re doing to me.
  • Do you have any idea what this does to me?
  • Look in my eyes when you do that.
  • I love the things you can do with your hands.
  • You’re so good with your tongue, baby.
  • I’ve never felt anything like that before.
  • Do you feel that? Feel how you made my body react?
  • This is one of the reasons I adore you.

Looking into his eyes as you say those sultry things is always a turn-on. Men are very visual creatures, so if they can see what they are doing at the same time they are hearing it, the impact of your words will be so much

They also love to see what is happening inside you, on an emotional level, where it really counts. What lover doesn’t want to wow his partner? By looking into your eyes as you say something to them, they can see how
you’re feeling, too. The combination of the physical and the emotional is a heady one.

But that only goes so far, doesn’t it? If you’re thinking about talking dirty, you’re probably hoping for something a bit more hard-core than that. But before we move into that, another thing to remember:
The best dirty talk is made up of words that create images in the mind. The best dirty talk should paint a picture of intimacy and heat, one that feeds on his every desire and creates a living, breathing picture right in
front of him. Every word of your dirty talk should create those images, and put you right in the middle of them.

You want to be not only in his bed, but in his head as well.

Start by getting comfortable with your sounds and your emphasis. Then you’re ready to start getting comfortable with the more intense dirty talk that both of you will love.

How Do I Get There

If you’re reading this, you’re already on the right track to becoming comfortable with those naughty words. Learning is the best way to overcome your fears, and this book is meant to help you do that.

It’s also a good bet that you’re already thinking a dirty thought or two as you read, and that’s good – because it all starts in your mind.

In fact, let’s start right now. Take the time to think about these questions:

  • What’s the sexiest thing you can imagine?
  • When you think of your partner, what’s the one thing about him that turns you on more than anything else?
  • Think about the last time you had sex – what was the one thing he did that you enjoyed the most?
  • What did you do when he did that?
  • Did you tell him, with words, or with sounds, or with the motion of your body, how much you loved it?
  • How did he respond?
  • Think about the sexual act. What do you love most about sex with your partner?
  • Picture his body. What do you love about it?
  • What kind of noises does he make?
  • Which particular noise or phrase from him turns you on more than others?
  • You know there are certain things he likes – what are they? Imagine them in the most vivid, breath-taking, heart-pounding detail you can muster.

Are you feeling hot yet?

If you are, and you are so inclined to go further with those thoughts in your head, now is the time! Masturbation is a good way to learn what you want. Now is a good time to learn what words turn you on, and how to talk
about what is happening when you’re all riled up.

Find the time to crawl into bed alone and start to play, doing all the things you might normally do – only this time, talk about it. Say the words out loud. Nobody is around to hear you, so who cares if you sound corny?

Describe what you do. If you stroke your thighs with your fingertips, say that. If you rub your breasts with your hands, say that, too. Are your nipples hard? Say it out loud. Play with different words for body parts.

Touch yourself and name what you’re touching.

This is a good time to figure out what words feel taboo. Does the word “cunt” bother you? Does the word “pussy” seem to be a better fit? Which is easier to say? Which one turns you on more? Which one turns you off?

If you’ve never said those words before, do it now, and keep doing it until you decide how you feel about them.

How would you feel if your partner used those same words? Close your eyes and imagine it. How would you react? Envision your partner saying those naughty words into your ear. How does your body respond?

Find what turns you on and say it, over and over.

Getting comfortable with saying it to yourself is only part of the battle. You’ve got to be ready to say it to your partner, too. Worried about how you might look or sound when you launch into your dirty talk?

Start by looking into a mirror and talking to yourself. Give yourself that sultry look while you say how much you like having your breasts stroked. Blow yourself a kiss. Talk about how it makes you pussy tingle when he
does that one thing that drives you wild.

Are you laughing yet?

Good! Get the giggles out now, while it’s just you and the chick in the mirror. Get as silly and as naughty as you want! In fact, try to make yourself laugh. How outrageous can you get? How far over the edge of “out there”
can you go? Have fun with it!

At this point it might seem that talking dirty without laughing is impossible, but the more you work at saying those words that make you blush, the easier it’s going to get. Doing something once is hard; but after doing it fifty times, suddenly it seems much easier.

Some people are concerned about the way they will sound if they try to talk dirty. If you’re worried about how your voice will sound when you’re hot and bothered, invest in a tape recorder, or use the voice memo function on your cell phone to record yourself while you masturbate. Remember, no one is going to hear it but you, and you can erase it immediately after you listen to it.

If you do decide to do this, take note of how your voice changes as you get more turned on. That sexy breathlessness in your voice is what will get your partner going! Say whatever comes to mind as you do this, including
dirty words. Get creative! When you play the tape back, think about how sexy you sound — and make note of words that sound especially delightful when they come from your trembling lips.

Remember what we said before: doing it once is hard, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Practice, practice, and more practice makes perfect!

Where To Get Dirty Talk Ideas

When you’re at a loss for dirty words, it can be hard to know where to start. It seems like the “tips” you find in mainstream magazines just cover the most basic words and nothing else. Of course, they are often bound by
editorial commitments and can’t get into the nitty-gritty dirty talk tips! So where are you to go when the magazines at the checkout line let you down?

Plenty of places, actually. You might be surprised at how many options there are. Ideas for good dirty talk are everywhere!

Let’s start with the most obvious: Porn.

Good old-fashioned porn movies are the master manuals for dirty talk. Hundreds of actresses over dozens of years have perfected the naughtiest, smuttiest, most depraved talk imaginable.

There are even porn films dedicated entirely to the subject of dirty talk, and those particular movies might use words that you’ve never even heard before — and perhaps will never hear again. For all the fun porn can be,
some of those films are dead-serious about their dirty talk!

If you’re looking for advice on talking dirty, these movies are chock-full of experts. Some of them might be corny, and some might even make you laugh out loud, but don’t discredit the possibilities they offer! Some of the
ideas in porn movies are going to be far too over-the-top for the beginner, but study them anyway.

Better ideas for dirty talk will come from reading erotic stories. There are anthologies dedicated to talking dirty, and a few minutes on the internet will bring up thousands of stories that will inspire you. Whatever you want, you can find – everything from phrases good for gentle and easy lovemaking, to hard-core comments suitable for those moments when you’re going at it hot and hard.

Good erotica should make you think and make you hot at the same time. It should also be the “readable” kind of erotica, something suitable to be read aloud, with a slow buildup to a climax. This allows you plenty of time to get turned on while reading, to let your voice drop to that sultry growl, and to entice your partner into getting horny long before you turn to the last page.

When you do find an erotic story to read, print it out (or if you bought it in an anthology from the bookstore, even better!). Make sure the story you choose to read doesn’t go over five pages or so. That might not seem like a lot, but you speak much slower than you read, so five pages will stretch out to quite a while — long enough to get the party started, so to speak.

When you’re looking for dirty talk ideas, don’t discount your friends.

What? You thought they were angels who never entertained the idea of some nasty dirty talking? Think again!

Everybody has one of those friends who seems to have done it all. It’s the friend who has enjoyed sexual encounters most people only dream of, and lived to tell the tale in vivid detail. Now is the time to give that friend a
chance to help you out.

Appeal to his or her expertise in the sexual realm, and ask for advice on what phrases are the biggest turn-on in the sack. You might get more than you bargained for, but you will definitely get some tips!

Also pay attention to that close friend who never talks much about their sex life. Sometimes it is the quiet type who has a regular Fourth of July in the sack! If they are willing to open up about what they do in bed, you can
find a ton of surprises lurking behind that innocent façade.

The places to acquire new dirty vocabulary words are endless. Let’s recap a few while introducing a few more:

  • Porn Films: These are the gold standard for naughty talk. To find ones that highlight what you’re looking for, ask your salesperson at the local naughty bookstore, or go online and do a search. Look for those movies that
    have “dirty talk” or “talking dirty” in the tags if you are searching online. If you are going to a sex shop to find them, look for movies that focus on dialogue.
  • Sexy Mainstream Movies: Hot movies like Lust/Caution and Unfaithful are good for dirty talk ideas that aren’t really dirty talk at all. As an added bonus, you can watch these movies with your partner and get turned on…but it’s not like putting in a porn flick. It’s actually the best of both worlds!
  • Erotica: Find it on the web, or pick up a book at a major bookstore. Remember to keep the erotica short and sweet. A few good options might be Frenzy or Got a Minute? Both anthologies feature stories that are short enough to make a quick impression, but long enough to get the fire going.
  • Music: Some of the sexiest turns of phrase show up in song lyrics. What songs turn you on? Which songs got your attention back when you were first falling in love — or in lust, as it were? Go back and listen to them. You’re bound to find some ideas hidden there.
  • Open-minded friends: You’ve probably got more than one friend who is keen to talk about what happens in the bedroom, so take him or her into your confidence. You can get some ideas from somebody who has tried them! Don’t be afraid to share your experiences with them, too. Sometimes it takes sharing to open up doors to even more sharing.
  • Phone Sex Operators: These are the pros, and nobody can talk dirty better than they can. They have heard it all, so calling them to ask for tips won’t be shocking or even out of the ordinary. Most of them will be more
    than happy to help you out. But keep in mind, they are making a good living, and can charge you several dollars per minute.
  • Internet Research: Hop on the Internet and start looking. Google is your friend! Stay away from obvious porn sites and instead focus on those places that specialize in dirty talk. You found this book, didn’t you? So you
    were looking in the right place already!

As you find more ideas from other places, you will start to come up with a few on your own. Creativity leads to even more creativity, and that can result in naughty thoughts you hadn’t even dreamed of before you started your search for the dirtiest talk.

Most importantly, take the time to reflect on the new language you are learning. Focus on what aspects of it turn you on the most.

Ask yourself some questions about talking dirty.

  • Why do those certain words turn you on?
  • Which ones turn you off?
  • What do they trigger in you?
  • How can you change the dirty words to fit your desires?
  • How can you take those words that work and make them even hotter?

Here’s an idea to get you started down the road of making those examples all your own: Add some adjectives!

For instance, if you like the word “pussy” maybe you’ll like “hot, wet pussy” even more. If you like the idea of whispering “I love your cock” into your lover’s ear, maybe you would enjoy “I love your hard, throbbing cock” even more.

Try out different phrases. Some might make you laugh out loud, some might make you roll your eyes, but eventually you will stumble on one that makes your heart pound. That’s when you know you’ve found a winner!

Setting The Stage For Your Dirty Talk

ow that you’re thinking about dirty talk phrases and the things you can do with them, let’s take a step back and look at a few things you should do before you introduce that naughty talk.

Good dirty talk is a whole-body experience. Sure, your lips are saying the words, and your ears are hearing them, but what about the rest of you? Great dirty talk should make your heart pound, make your libido go crazy,
and make your partner long to have you, again and again and again.

But no matter how good the dirty talk, the setting makes a big difference. The hottest dirty talk will work anywhere — and we do mean anywhere! — but the best way to get the full effect of your naughtiness is to make certain that the stage is set around you. Like the star of a play, you need to have a good set design, and then the spotlight can shine on you while everything else fades into a nice background.

Spicing up your love life should be an ongoing event, not just a onetime thing that you attempt to “see how it goes.” To that end, it’s time to take a long look at your love nest, at the way you present yourself, and decide what you want to change.

Why are we focusing on your bedroom? There are a few reasons. If you’re new to dirty talk, you might want to embark on your new adventure in a comfortable setting. And let’s face it — no matter how sexually adventurous you are, most of your sexual encounters will take place in a bedroom, on a bed.

It just makes sense to feather the nest where you are most often, don’t you think?

You might be one of those very lucky people who decides that nothing needs to change — that the addition of great dirty talk is all you need to rev up the sensual part of your life. If that’s the case, fantastic! But take a look at these ideas anyway, and decide if any of them might fit in well with the good things you are already doing.

Here are a few ideas to spice up your love nest and set the stage for something more than the usual. How many of these can you try tonight?

  • Change the lighting. Changing the lighting in your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to go all-out. Simply toss a thin, red scarf over the lamp shade for an intimate glow. You can also opt for special colored light bulbs that will have the same effect. Another interesting option is to string a row of white Christmas lights through gauze netting and arrange it on the headboard of the bed. The lights will cast a delicious glow on your skin!
  • Invest in lingerie. The only thing better than a dirty-talking vixen is a dirty-talking vixen in hot lingerie. Find out what your partner likes and aim to please! Go with something skimpy and sexy, or go for the “innocent” effect that can be so hot while talking dirty. This is very simple: Just wear a basic bra and panties, something simple and virginal white. Sometimes it’s a real turn-on to hear filthy words coming out of a sweet, innocent-looking mouth!
  • Smooth the bed. Satin sheets, silk shams, fluffy pillows, and even soft down quilts are perfect for dressing your bed. After all, this is where the magic happens — this is the place that deserves to be the most comfortable and accommodating place in the entire house.
  • Mood music. The music you choose should play in the background, but it should not overpower your words. Stick with something very general. You never know when you might choose to break out the hardcore dirty talk, and you don’t want a Celine Dion power ballad playing behind that kind of action, if you catch the drift.
  • Easy-reach basket. Put the necessities of lovemaking in this basket and place it by the bed. Lube, condoms (if you use them, of course), small props (such as your vibrator, anal beads, etc.), and anything else that might be helpful when the mood is right.
  • Perfect perfume. You want your partner to remember the moment, so make sure to use the sense of smell. Our sense of smell is closely tied to emotional response — that’s why you are so comforted when you smell the scents of baking, or a fragrance that reminds you of your childhood. Use that tendency to your advantage by choosing perfume that screams “YOU” and spritzing it on the pillows, blankets, sheets, curtains — and of course, on you. Do this well before the moment you get it on, however, so the scent doesn’t overpower.

Don’t forget the rest of the house! When you get into the serious hardcore dirty talk, you might choose to explore other parts of the house to fulfill your fantasies. Take a look around now and decide on things that
might make that easier. Do you need a few extra pillows on the couch? Is there a nice throw rug on the kitchen floor to make things easier on the knees if you decide to get down and dirty right there?

Remember, when the little details are taken care of, you can relax — and the more you relax, the more likely you will be to rev up that dirty talk engine.

Putting Dirty Words In Your Mouth

y now you should have a good store of ideas for talking dirty. You’ve set the stage and made your love nest perfect for trying out something new. Now, it’s time to start setting the atmosphere.

It isn’t easy to jump into anything, much less into something so intimate. It’s best to ease your way into it, and here are some foolproof ways to get the fire started. If you haven’t talked dirty to your partner before, surprising him with it might be more of a turn-off than a turn-on. Think about it: how would you react if your lover suddenly whipped out some dirty talk on you and you had no idea it was coming? You might have more questions than sexy thoughts.

That’s why it’s important to take slow steps toward what you really want. What happens outside the bedroom has a huge impact on what happens behind closed doors, so start by weaving subtle hints through your

Show him, through your actions and comments, that you’re interested in dirty talk. Once you are in the mindset of searching for opportunities to think dirty, those opportunities will seem endless. Be ready to jump on any chance you see to drop those subtle hints!

Here are a few simple ideas:

  • When you’re sitting in a movie theater, take his hand during the sex scenes. If you hear a dirty word, squeeze his hand harder. Make a point of letting him know it interests you.
  • When you see a sex scene on television, make a comment about it. A simple “that looks hot” will let him know you liked what you saw.
  • Mention a study you read about on the Internet – “Honey, I read somewhere that most couples don’t talk during sex. Do you think we talk enough?”
  • Leave an erotic story out on the bedside table where you know he will see it.
  • If you overhear something that could be construed as slightly naughty, give your partner a wink and a grin. If he doesn’t catch on, explain why you were so amused.
  • Use adjectives that describe everyday things in a not-so-subtle way. For instance, if you are on the beach and you ask him to put lotion on your back, smile and comment on how “smooth” and “soft” and “wet” that lotion is. Use your most sultry voice when you do so.
  • Try the more direct approach. Brush up against him every chance you get, and if you feel his body respond, look him in the eye and say, “Hard day?”

Once you have his attention with your subtle moves, try something a bit more obvious. Keep in mind that just as good dirty talk doesn’t happen overnight, neither does setting the mood! You can take days or even weeks
to prime your lover for the dirty talk you are both going to enjoy. Easing into it is key to making it oh-so good.

So consider moving from subtle to spelling it out:

You know how a love note makes you melt; why not do the same for him? Grab a set of post-it notes and write messages meant for his eyes only.

Put a note in his briefcase, on top of important papers, where he’s sure to see it. Stick a note on the steering wheel of his car and start his engine first thing in the morning. Tuck a little note into the pocket of his slacks, so
he can find it when he’s reaching for change at the coffee shop.

What to say? That’s where your dirty talk begins!

Telling him you love him is good; telling him you want him is better. Tell him how sexy he looks in that shirt. Something quick and sweet, like “Miss you, stud!” will make him grin. Tell him he smells great, or
compliment him on the color of his eyes. Men love to hear those sweet nothings just as much as women do, so give him a ton of them in your handwriting.

Want to be a bit more adventurous? A note in his briefcase that simply says “I’m not wearing panties” just might distract him all morning. Or a note saying “I’m buying sexy new panties today” will work well for that guy with the lingerie fetish.

Make a list of the things that trigger your man’s lust – you know what they are! – and write notes sure to push his buttons.

It’s always easier to write down dirty thoughts than it is to say them out loud, so make sure you’re still practicing the naughty things you want to say in bed. In the meantime, get more explicit with your notes. Perhaps
write something about a sexual act. For example, “I would love to get down on my knees in front of you right now” paints a very clear picture, and his mind can envision what you would be doing down there.

If you don’t have to worry about anyone intercepting his mail at work, send him an old-fashioned love letter. Pick out a naughty card at the store and fill it with your own sweet nothings. Or if you are in the mood to be a
bit more tender, pull out your stationary and tell him how much he means to you.

As an added touch, be sure to give it a little spray of his favorite perfume before you tuck it into the envelope and send it on its way. Once the notes get his mind racing, you can up the ante. Send him an email with a sweet love note. When he responds, send something a bit more explicit. Let him lead the way, and you might be surprised by how fast he wants to go!

Get steamier with every back-and-forth until you’re writing things that stretch the limits of your comfort zone. But remember, it’s easier to say those naughty things on paper or on a screen. So this is not the grand prize!
Instead, consider it a test-run for how your partner will react to the new language you’re going to introduce into your sex life. If he responds with a positive attitude, you know you’re on the right track.

Phone calls work wonders, too. Subtle dirty talk and teasing on the phone allows you to get him riled up, but it still keeps a physical barrier between the two of you, making the intimacy of dirty talk much less daunting.

Start by calling your partner during a time when you know he won’t be able to answer the phone. Leave a steamy message on his voice mail. Even something as simple as “I can’t wait until you get home” will trip his trigger – as long as it is delivered in the sultriest voice you can manage.

Maybe describe what panties you’re wearing. If you must attend to the realities of everyday life and call him with a shopping list, slip something interesting into it: “Honey, we need eggs and milk from the store…and
maybe a bottle of wine…and while you’re at it, get one of those cans of whipped cream. I’m going to use it on you later.”

Even if it’s delivered in your normal tone of voice, that’s going to make him do a double take!

He will probably call you back when he gets your message, so be prepared to raise the naughtiness factor. If he asks you what got into you, tell him you want him to get into you…when will he be home?

Talk to him when he’s sitting in traffic. Tell him what you love about him, or better yet, tell him what made you want him the very first time you went to bed together. Cashing in on those sensual memories will get him
thinking about having you in bed – and that’s exactly what you want on his mind.

When he does get home, there are still plenty of ways to ease into the dirty talk.

Remember those erotic stories you looked for while researching what to say in bed? Now is a good time to go back to those. Find stories that tease with your favorite fantasy, and make sure they have plenty of good
description in them. If it makes you hot when you read it to yourself, it’s likely to be even hotter when you read it aloud. And what better way to bring all that intimacy into the bedroom with you, than to begin with
sharing the words of a well-seasoned professional writer?

Maybe leave the book on the bedside table for a few days. Give him a chance to notice it. If he mentions it, open the book to where you already have the bookmark, waiting for this moment. Tell him what it’s about, and
read a brief passage.

Watch his reaction. If he likes it, keep going!

You might blush like mad as you read these things to your partner. After all, this is entirely new, and you’re not sure how he’s going to react. But keep in mind that men are very visual creatures. They love to watch. Seeing
you blush as you read the story will tell him not only that you’re shy about it, but that you’re excited about it, too.

Keep reading, and let him watch you while you do it. If the story makes you hot, don’t try to control your breathing, and don’t try to play it cool.

The whole point is turning up the heat, and you’re doing it with your words.

Remember: if it gets you all hot and bothered, it’s probably making him feel sexy, too.

And who knows where it might lead?

You’ve sent the letters. You’ve made the calls. You’ve left the subtle – and maybe not so subtle! – hints all over the place. You’ve worked on your dirty talk in front of the mirror, and maybe you’ve even talked to a friend
about what to say to your lover.

Now you’re in bed with him, reading that naughty story, or maybe creating a story of your own. You’re well on your way to making things hotter than ever!

Creative Images In Everyday Life

ow that you’ve crossed those first hurdles in introducing dirty talk into the bedroom, why not keep it up? There’s always room for improvement! Talking dirty is a whole new language, and like any new language, it takes
time to master the art.

Dirty talk is all about words, and those words are all about creating images in your lover’s mind. The bedroom isn’t the only place where you think about sex, so why should it be the only place you talk dirty?

Try it somewhere else, using what you’ve got to work with, and you can light the sensual fire without removing a stitch of clothing.

Naughty thoughts can be kindled in the most unlikely or mundane places. What about the center of your home, for example – your kitchen? The kitchen holds a wealth of possibilities for getting your mind in sexy
gear. Perhaps show him, with your actions and your words, where your mind goes when making dinner.

Here’s an example:

Catch his eye and gently stroke the cucumber you plan to cut into his salad. Got a tomato? Make a point of picking up a big chunk and taking a bite, letting the juice drip onto your lips, then suck it off. Maybe this is a
good time to tell him how “juicy” and “tasty” and “rich” it is.

Perhaps licking that dollop of cream from your thumb and giving him a wink will get his attention. “It tastes so sweet – almost as sweet as you,” will get his mind going in the same direction as yours!

Try it while working out in the yard. If he’s digging a hole to plant those new trees in the backyard, make a comment on how deep the hole needs to be. “It’s supposed to be about twelve inches, right?” Then turn your
innocent comment into something raunchy. “You know I like it deep.”

When he looks up at you in surprise, give him a wink and go on about your business!

Shopping at the local department store holds endless possibility for thinking naughty thoughts. Anything shaped like a penis is fair game for fondling. The food aisles have one decadent item after another. Even the
kitchen utensils can get things revved up. Grab a spatula from the rack and slap it against your hand. “This would make a great mark on my ass,” you might whisper in his ear.

Murmur about how naughty things could happen in a place like this. Get his mind moving, and soon he will be the one saying things to make you blush!

What else works?

What else can you think of to make them dirty?

Here are a few scenarios and suggestions:

  • Taking a breather in a quiet corner at the family reunion. What better time to make naughty innuendo? He will be surprised, and more than likely, won’t be able to wait until bedtime.
  • At a friend’s party. When everyone is in the middle of talking about their lives, lean over to your lover and quietly whisper that you forgot to put on any panties. Then give him a mega-watt smile!
  • Watching a play in a darkened theater. Whisper words into his ear about the characters onstage. Make them entirely inappropriate.
  • Driving to an appointment together. You can lube his engine by talking about engines. Want to get really creative? Point out good spots to make love along the side of the road.
  • Talking during a long, leisurely lunch. Take your time and enjoy your food, especially the dessert. Let him watch you eat, and make sure your gestures speak to the sensuality of the food. When you eat a piece of that chocolate cake, lick off the tiny crumbs. When you take a drink of your water, swallow slowly while looking into his eyes.
  • At the movies – in a row all by yourselves! During the sex scenes, whisper into his ear how much you would love to be doing that right now. Or remind him of the days when you used to make out in the theater in the back row…he might want to give it a shot again.
  • Riding in an elevator. You can make references to going down…or something on the rise.
  • While on an airplane. C’mon, this one is too easy! Everybody wants to join the mile-high club, right? Ask him if he’s flexible enough to get it on in the bathroom, and challenge him to find out.
  • Surfing online. Go to a naughty sex shop site and start clicking. Ask your partner what he thinks of this…or that…and that one, too!
  • Standing together in a sea of bodies at a concert. What better time to rub against him and whisper naughty things into his ear? After all, you’re surrounded by lots of people who are doing the exact same thing.
  • A midnight walk to the park. The possibilities for sex in a park are endless. Sit down on the picnic table and start naming off the ideas in your head. You might find yourself spouting naughty words while you get busy on the merry-go-round!

Dirty talk doesn’t always have to be hard-core. Start out slow and easy, with innuendo rather than words that make you blush. The more he responds to your teasing comments, the braver you will become. By the
time you’re comfortable with innuendo, he will be ready to move on to the more serious dirty talk — and that exactly what you want him to do, isn’t it?

Fine Tuning Your Dirty Bedroom Talk

You’ve built intimacy outside the bedroom, and you’ve made your thoughts on dirty talk very clear by now. You’ve gotten creative with love notes and you’ve made some sexy phone calls. You’ve both been swept away by the teasing and innuendo from time to time, and now you are both walking with a little bounce in your step. You’ve even tried reading erotica to him, and succeeded in getting you both turned on with the words.

But those were someone else’s words. Now it’s time to start creating your own.

Don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. But by this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what works for your partner. Better yet, you have a good idea of what works for you. You know what turns you on,
and you know what works for both of you. Keep that in mind as you decide what you’re going to say to your partner to break that dirty talk ice.

Start with descriptions of his body. Remember, it doesn’t have to be hard-core!

Here are a few suggestions on where to begin:

  • Tell him how strong he is.
  • Tell him how much it turns you on when you look at his muscular arms, or his trim waist, or his long, sexy legs.
  • Does he have a hairy chest? Tell him how much you like to tangle your fingers in it.
  • Does he have long hair? Tell him how much you love to watch it fall around his face when he makes love to you.
  • Does he have broad shoulders? Describe how it feels to hold onto them while he’s moving above you, how he makes you feel safe and secure, or how his size makes you feel submissive.
  • Tell him about looking down at him when you’re on top, and how much you love to see the pleasure in his eyes.

You should have no problem finding those things you love about your lover’s body. There’s a reason you love to go to bed with him, and a reason you want to make your sex life even hotter — you’ve got one hell of a guy!
So tell him that, and everything else that comes to mind about how wonderful he is.

Get a little more explicit as things heat up. Now is when you can point out more intimate things about him, and use them to fuel your dirty talk.

Here are a few more explicit suggestions:

  • Tell him how much you love to feel him inside you.
  • Moan about how thick he is, or how long, or how he fits you just right.
  • Tell him how much you love it when he works magic with his fingers between your legs, over your nipples, anywhere on your body.
  • Tell him how hard your nipples are.
  • Ask him if he can feel how wet you are.
  • Remind him that he’s the one you’ve been fantasizing about all day.

Ask him to talk to you, too. What does he like to feel when he’s in bed with you? What is his favorite position? What does he like to see you do? What is his ultimate fantasy? What was his favorite moment out of all the times you have made love? What made it so special? Prompt him a bit if he’s shy, and he will start to reciprocate with his own thoughts.

If he’s really into talking dirty with you by now, this is when things could start to get a bit more hard-core. What fun!

Here are a few questions to get you started.

Whisper them into his ear at the appropriate time and let nature take its course:

  • Do you like it when I get on top?
  • Do you ever think about being tied up?
  • Would you rather do it with the lights on or off?
  • Tell me why you like it that way.
  • What’s the one thing we’ve never tried that you really want to do?
  • What do you want me to do?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do to me?
  • When do you come harder? When you’re standing up, or sitting up, or lying down?
  • Do you like it when I do this?
  • What do you want me to wear tonight?

Another surefire way to start the dirty talk is to describe what he’s doing to you. If he slips his hand between your legs, that’s a good time to whisper how much you like it. “I love it when you touch me there” is good, but “I
love it when you touch my pussy” might be better. Gauge his reactions to your words, and adjust them accordingly.

If “pussy” turns him on and you’re not opposed to the sound of it, try using “cunt” instead. If that gets him going, use it again, only with more emphasis. Now is the time to use your new vocabulary!

Add a bit more. Perhaps he loves to hear the word “cunt,” and maybe you like it, too. So try something to describe it a bit more. “Tight cunt” or “wet cunt” or “slippery cunt” might be good things to try. Then put it into a
sentence. “I love it when you touch my hot, wet cunt.”

Describe what you’re doing to him, too. Remember, creating images is what dirty talk does best, and you want him to see the fantasy before you make it a reality. “I’m going to taste you” is a good way to let him know
you’re going to perform oral. “I’m going to go down on you” is better. “I’m going to suck your cock” is even better than that.

Is he hard? Is he throbbing? “I’m going to suck your hard, throbbing cock” is the blunt, honest truth.

Then do it! The fantasy is already in his head, and feeling you do exactly what you said you would is going to be a huge turn-on. Besides that, the next time you talk dirty to him, he will remember that you did
exactly what you said you would — and that will fuel his fantasies the next time you’re talking to him with that naughty mouth of yours.

Most of all, be confident. You already know he likes it when you do certain things. Maybe he loves the way you go down on him. You don’t have to ask him if he likes it – you already know he does. “You like the way
I suck your dick, don’t you?” can be a taunting challenge. “Yeah, I know you like that.”

What other things might you say to turn him on even more?

Kicking It Up A Notch: How To Have Phone Sex

If you have ever been in a situation where your lover was a thousand miles away from you — or even just down the street — and you were too horny to think straight, you can grasp the appeal of phone sex. Having sex on the phone is the original form of dirty talk!

People have been having phone sex for as long as the phone has existed. In the early days, when phone lines were called “party lines” and several people could listen in at once, it was probably a bit daunting to attempt
phone sex. But you can bet someone, at some point, gave it a shot — and you can bet that was one blushing operator who had the pleasure of listening in!

Flash forward to around 1980, when someone realized they could make money through phone sex. The first phone sex hotlines went live. All it took was a phone call and a credit card number, and phone sex was yours for the taking. In the late 1980s, the 900-number was introduced, and phone sex became a quite popular hobby for some. With 900 numbers, it was easier than ever to explore fetishes or find the kind of dirty talk you desired, all with the simple touch of a button.

The phone sex industry did a booming business, and continues to do so today, despite the advent of the internet and free calling plans to virtually anywhere in the world. Now that phone sex has become more mainstream and accepted, the thought of someone having it isn’t as shocking as it once was.

Phone sex used to be something shameful, a kind of sex that was paid for, only one step above prostitution. When it was used in conjunction with a long distance relationship, it was kept very quiet, in hopes of not sullying the reputations of those who had given in to their desires. But now that long distance relationships are fostered by the internet and travel for business has become almost the norm, phone sex has become an accepted and even expected act for those who cannot be together in the physical sense.

Have you ever tried phone sex? If you haven’t, now is the time! As we said earlier, phone sex is the original form of dirty talk. You can’t use the motion of your body to seduce your lover, and you can’t give them pleasure
by touching them. All you have are your words and those delicious sounds that come when you’re turned on. But when it comes to phone sex, that is more than enough to make it work for both of you.

Don’t know how to get started? Many people don’t. You might think the idea of phone sex is all well and good, but when you do get your partner on the phone, you might be so tongue-tied that you can’t think of what to say, much less how to say it.

Here are a few tips to make those first moments easier. After that, things should just happen naturally.

  • Get started before you call. Look at porn, read erotica, play with your vibrator — do whatever you usually do to get all hot and bothered when you are alone. When you are on the edge of breathless, pick up the phone.
  • Choose your time. If you really want phone sex but you know your partner is in a meeting and they simply cannot get out, you might be out of luck at the moment. Try to plan your phone sex for a time when you know your lover will be alone, or at least in a place where they can listen to you without being interrupted.
  • Set the mood. Phone sex is a very real kind of sex. So prepare for it just as you would prepare to meet your lover at the door! Wear the sexiest lingerie, something that makes you feel like a queen. Light a candle, turn down the covers, and have your sexy toys ready to help you out.
  • Charge it up. It might sound like a very simple thing, but it’s important. Charge your phone before you make that call! There is nothing more frustrating that being right on the edge of a good orgasm and hearing
    that annoying “low battery” beep. While you’re at it, turn off your call waiting. That’s a beeping sound you don’t want to hear either!
  • Be ready to give. What if you call your partner while they are sitting in traffic? They might not be able to participate physically, but they can certainly listen to you as you do your thing…you naughty, naughty dirty talker!
  • Speak in a low, sultry growl. Your voice can sound even sexier on the phone than it does in person! If you pitch your voice a bit lower, you will sound more seductive, and your phone sex partner will eat it up.
  • Push his hot buttons. You know what turns your lover on, so capitalize on it. Now is the time to spin a fantasy that will paint a vivid picture in their head. Talk your way through it, from the opening tease to the closing climax.
  • Tell him what to do. Phone sex can be a great time to order your partner around, and who doesn’t love having the pressure off for a while? All your lover has to do is follow your suggestions until they get off. Very few things beat the feeling of that, don’t you think?
  • Get hardcore. Crude, raunchy words are the best when it comes to phone sex. If you are the shy type, it might seem as though you can’t get past that barrier that keeps you tongue-tied, but phone sex might surprise you.
  • Get your own. Phone sex is about sharing fantasies and getting off to them — but it doesn’t mean it’s all about him. It can be all about you, too!

Touch yourself while you learn how to talk dirty to your partner over the phone. Let  yourself come — and let your partner hear it. There are few things sexier than the sound of someone reaching the ultimate pleasure, and your lover
will be happy to share that moment with you.

Phone sex is great for those who feel a bit inhibited about their dirty talk. If you aren’t quite ready to try it in a face-to-face situation, phone sex gives you the perfect opportunity. If you get uncomfortable, you can stop
the phone sex abruptly, and you don’t have to be bashful about it. If you want to try out something extra raunchy, you can do it without letting your lover see you blush and tremble.

If you need to ease into things, phone sex offers a level of comfort that you can’t find when the barriers are down and that person is standing right in front of you.

Those who are in long-distance relationships, and especially those who have phone sex before they met in person, often have a much easier time with getting their sex life in tune with one another. Why? They have already touched on the intimacy that phone sex provides. They already know what turns the other person on, and they have had time to explore fantasies, dreams, and desires through a non-threatening medium.

For those who are able to see each other every day, phone sex adds a new dimension to their lovemaking. The tease can be drawn out over the span of the entire day, not just from the moment he walks in the door after a hard day at work. A quickie during the noon hour, with the door closed and locked, makes phone sex quite an appealing option for both of you!

When you think of phone sex, you probably think of having your partner on the phone with you while you are doing naughty things and spinning those fantasy tales, but there are a few other dimensions to phone sex you might want to consider.

If you call and your partner doesn’t answer the phone, what do you do? You leave a dirty message! It can be something very simple, just a basic “I want you now” kind of tone, one that will get his attention and make him

Or it could be something much more raunchy. If you’re really brave, you could masturbate to the point of orgasm, and then call your partner and leave the sounds of your climax on voicemail. It helps if you have an idea
of how long the voicemail will record — some will handle only thirty seconds, while others handle up to five minutes or even more, depending upon their phone service. Be sure to end the call with a giggle and a kiss
before hanging up the phone.

But talking on the phone is not the only form of phone sex. There is another, more modern form…and it’s not just for teenagers anymore!

How To Be Naughty With Dirty Texting

Don’t have the time or the inclination to talk on the phone when you’re feeling naughty? Dirty texting is all the rage, and for good reason. Dirty texting can be done anywhere, anytime, without much risk of anyone finding out what you are doing. Certainly no one can overhear you when you’re texting!

Also known as “sexting” (a combination of the words “sex” and “text”), the trend toward using phone text to get naughty with your partner started many years ago. Teenagers were the first to realize they could send naughty text messages, and as long as they kept their phone private or deleted the messages when they were done, no one was the wiser. After all, most phone services do track how many text messages you send, but they don’t track what you say!

But now the trend has widened to include everyone, even older adults. According to a recent study by the AARP, baby boomers love technology and they are taking advantage of sexting simply because it’s downright fun.
And of course, most cell phones these days have the ability for texting, so it’s very simple for anyone to do.

But where do you begin? Sexting might be catching on like wildfire, but for those who haven’t dealt with it before, knowing what to say and how to say it can be rather daunting.

Here are a few tips:

  • Start out very simple. In fact, start out with basic conversation. Ask how their day was. Tell them you are thinking about them. Ask what they might like to do when you are together again. Tell them that you want them. Anything short and sweet, something to break the ice and become a bit more intimate.
  • When you have warmed up to texting with your partner, get a bit more suggestive. “I can’t wait to see you” is a good one, and so is “I miss having you in our bed.” Gauge the response you get by how enthusiastic it  seems. If they respond in kind, you’re being invited and even encouraged! to keep the conversation moving into more naughty territory.
  • Keep the texts short. You probably have a lot to say, but you don’t have much room in which to say it. The shorter your texts are, the less time you spend typing  and that means you hit the send button faster. The texts show up on your partner’s phone at regular intervals, instead of with long pauses between each one. This helps keep the fire hot, especially when you’re in the middle of a good fantasy.
  • If they ask for more, start telling them about your latest fantasy. Start out easy, with soft and tender words, then move into the raunchier set when it is clear your partner is wanting something more.
  • Want to spice things up and simply surprise your partner into a smile? Send a raunchy text right off the bat. This is especially effective if you are the shy type and have trouble easing into dirty talk with your lover. They will be very pleasantly surprised by your naughty foray into the texting world!

When you are in the mood to text dirty messages to your partner, don’t hesitate to use the common texting abbreviations, such as “U” for you or “c” for see. This will make things go faster, and the dirty talk will have the
same effect!

If you want to spice up the dirty texting even further, you can always send photos of yourself, taken with your phone. Simply use the camera, then click on the options feature and hit “send.”

Be sure you are sending the photograph to the right person, and be sure this is a person you can trust. Often explicit photos wind up being passed around or shared with friends, and might even wind up on the internet,
where anyone can see you in a compromising position. So have fun, but be careful!

Keep in mind a bit of housekeeping, however. Remember that when you receive or send a text, it is saved on your phone. If your phone is used by someone else, even in the most innocent manner, they might hit a button that allows them to see your photos or text messages. If this is a concern for you, be sure to delete the messages and photos you have sent and received. If you want to save them, look into how you can download information from your phone to your computer, and put them on a disk or your hard drive before you delete them.

Clearing out your texts and pictures periodically is a good idea anyway. If you lost your phone and it was found by an unscrupulous character, all of your information could wind up on the internet — or those naughty pictures could be sent to every person in your address book. It sounds like a nightmare, but it has happened before, and it will probably happen again. Just don’t let it happen to you!

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, start planning your first dirty talk text! What will you say? How will you say it? What fantasy will you spin for your partner? Sometimes the anticipation and planning is just
as good as the sexting itself!


hone sex and texting are not the only routes to a good dirty talk time. Have you ever teased your partner through a naughty email flirtation?

Email messages back and forth can spin a tale that lasts for months. Email forces you to slow down and take your time in writing what you want to say. Much like writing a love letter with pen and paper, email is the slower version of the texting craze…and it can be just as powerful.

When you are talking dirty though email, it’s best to take it slow at first and test the waters. Your email partner might be at work, or in a situation where naughty emails could be intercepted by someone who shouldn’t see them. In that case, taking it slow is the prudent way to go.

Trust your partner to lead you into the dirty talk themselves. If they want more, they can invite you to say more. If they tell you they are the only one who reads that email account, for instance, you know that you can
say whatever you like! If you are talking to your partner and you know you’re dealing with a work email, maybe you can get away with a tease or two, but little more than that.

It all depends on the situation, but you should always be certain of the situation before you jump into the naughtiest bits!

Once you know the situation, let your dirty talk begin!

Sexy emails are a great way to liven up the day and keep your partner thinking about you while he’s away. You can start very simply and remind them of what you did together last night. Or you can talk about anticipation, and say that you can’t wait until they get back so you can do it all again!

If you want to go further, consider writing an erotic story in a series of emails. You can make it all about your partner. Create a fantasy about the two of you and weave it together with dirty words, then send the email and wait for a response. If your response is “give me more,” then you’re in luck.

If the response is another part of your erotic story, one that your partner has written, then you’re in even better luck! Writing an erotic story back and forth is one of the hottest ways to get the sexy emails moving.

If you want to add some spice to your emails, attach pictures of yourself doing naughty things. Or simply send an email that says, “Can you guess what I’m doing right now?” and then launch into a vivid description of what your partner would see if they were there with you.

Another popular form of dirty talk happens over instant messenger services or in chat rooms. “Cybersex,” sometimes simply known as “cyber,” is a great way to talk to someone over the computer when you’re in the
mood for something naughty. Instant messenger services bring the power of dirty talk right to your fingertips — literally! — and allow you to form a bit of a deeper bond than that of a chat room flirtation.

This is an excellent way to try out your new dirty talk and see the kind of reaction you get. It works especially well if you have a particular fetish or fantasy that you might be worried about sharing with a partner. Consider
it a test drive!

The anonymity of chat rooms makes it easy to put your thoughts and feelings out there and get an honest response in return. After all, you don’t know these people, and they don’t know you. If you say something that
shocks them, they can tell you without fear of hurting your feelings, or vice versa.

Whether you are playing with cybersex in a chat room or on your instant messenger program, there are a few rules of etiquette that apply:

  • Just watch at first. When you first enter a chat room, it might be tempting to jump into the fray. Resist the urge! Watch for a while. Eventually you will see someone whose comments are witty enough or interesting enough to keep your attention. Then you can jump in and make comments in the current conversation that are directed toward that person. Or you can go the more direct route and ask to speak to them privately.
  • Sexy chats might happen in open chat rooms, but if you want to get to the serious action, take it private. Ask the person you are interested in if they would like to embark on a private chat. Then you can see where that cyber road leads!
  • Don’t push for any information at all. Age, sex, and location are the basics that most people ask for in a chat room. Be honest about your sex are you male or female? You can be vague on your age and your location, unless you are looking to take your cyber chats to “real life” at some point in the future. If you’re just playing and brushing up on your dirty talk, you needn’t bother with specifics. Keep in mind that the person you are talking to doesn’t owe you any details, either, so don’t ask for them.
  • When you get into dirty talk in your chats, keep in mind the same rules as with texting. Keep the messages short and sweet, in order to keep them coming quickly. You are essentially writing an erotic story in one-line increments, so keep in mind the flow of the action. You want to build up to a crescendo!
  • Don’t come and run. If you are so turned on by the dirty talk on the screen that your body simply can’t hold back, good for you! But don’t get yours and then call it a night. There is someone at the other end of that
    modem, and they are waiting for the same courtesy.
  • On the other hand, if you are worried that the person you are cybering with will decide to cut and run themselves, get yours first! Talk through the session with them, and encourage them to respond to you, instead of just spinning your tale and helping them get off. The best cyber sessions are those when you are both participating and you both get off at about the same time.

When the cyber session is over, remember to thank them for a great time. If you are on instant messenger, it’s possible you could talk to them again, so say goodbye with grace. If you are in a chat room and completely
anonymous, say goodnight before you log off anyway — it’s just the polite thing to do.

And of course, if you were having a cyber session with your lover while they were far away from you, blow them a virtual kiss and tell them that you can’t wait until they get home, so you can whisper all that dirty talk
right into their ear — and then follow up on your naughty promises!


Phone sex, texting, cybersex, email…these are all things that keep the dirty talk just between you and your partner. But what about that exhibitionist side of you, the one that screams how badly you want your
partner, and it doesn’t matter where?

You could be in a public park, a train station, a discount store, the bank, or even at the family picnic. Maybe you’ve had one too many at the Christmas party, or perhaps you’re ready to get it on at the pool. Whatever
the case may be, you’re in the mood to talk dirty — and you’re in public.

No problem!

The key to talking dirty in public is make sure nobody knows exactly what you are saying. They might suspect, sure, but who cares? If they don’t know for sure, they can’t call you out on it! If you can manage to get your
partner hot and horny while you are in a public setting, you’re bound to have some fantastic action when you do get to a secluded and private area.

Here are a few tips to start talking dirty in public:

  • Whisper it. Even the most raunchy, wild dirty talk can be said with a whisper. Say it with a sly smile and let your lips brush your lover’s ear as you tell them what you want to do to them later. Or what you want them to do to YOU. Even if it’s a short and sweet comment, something along the lines of “I want to fuck you,” it’s enough to get the ball rolling.
  • Show it. Say it with your eyes. Let your partner know that you want them by the way you look at them. Good dirty talk can include more than just words! Make a point of looking at your lover’s tight, cute ass with lust in your eyes. Make sure you get caught doing it! If you want to get straight to the point, drop your eyes to his crotch, linger there a while, and then look back into his eyes. Any man worth his salt will understand exactly what that look means!
  • Slip away. Take the time to hide out for a moment and indulge in a little bit of desire. Perhaps you can find a secluded hallway and cop a feel. Maybe you can steal a deep French kiss while you are headed for the
    kitchen to refresh your drink. When you do slip away, make sure to put your feelings into words. Make them very clear and to the point. “I want to suck you off on the kitchen table” is a good way to raise your lover’s eyebrows!
  • Let your body do the talking. When you’re standing close, brush your breasts against his back. Let your hips touch. Put your arm around him. Slip your hand down to an inappropriate place now and then, but only for a moment, before anyone else can catch on to what that naughty hand is doing. Lean over and use your dirty words to complete the mental picture.
  • Innuendo galore! One of the coolest parts about dirty talk in public is that moment when someone says something perfectly innocent…but you hear it in an entirely naughty way. Dirty thoughts build, one after another. The more dirty your thoughts are, the more likely you are to see the most innocent comments as raunchy possibilities. For instance, if someone says it’s hot outside, you can lean over to your partner and say, “Not as hot as it is going to be later!” The double meaning will not be lost on them, and soon you will be laughing at the best “innocent” comments — and getting turned on at the same time.

Make dirty talk in public a game the two of you play together. Tell your partner at the start of the evening that you will be talking dirty to him the entire time, and ask him to count how many dirty talk comments he can
catch. Then slip in those naughty innuendos every chance you get!

Here are a few ideas to help get that naughty innuendo started:

  • While at a Fourth of July celebration, talk about how well those fireworks are “shooting” into the air. Tell him how much you like the sound of the “cannon” and ask him if he thinks they are going to “blow” even bigger for the “climax.”
  • When at the beach, mention how that lotion feels “warm and thick and creamy” like something else you can think of…and when you see someone on a surfboard, point out that you would like to be riding something hard, too. Maybe the thought of that something hard it making you as wet as an ocean!
  • At a friend’s party? Talk about how you love the taste of those jello “shooters” and casually point out that the bathroom is more than big enough for two. If you’re in a very adventurous mood and you know your partner is into something a bit more “interesting,” play a game of talking about which person at your friend’s party would be the loudest in bed, or which one you would like to invite for a threesome.

Speaking of threesomes and other naughty tidbits


We’ve talked about how dirty talk creates images in the mind, pictures that serve to turn your partner on. Talking about what you’re doing in bed, or asking him what he wants you to do, opens the door to deeper discussion.

People do a lot of things in the heat of passion that they wouldn’t normally do, and you’ll quickly find that they say things they normally wouldn’t say, too. One fantasy leads to another, and another, and soon you
might find yourself exploring territory you never would have otherwise, had you not learned this new dirty language.

Comments might be made in the heat of passion that surprise you, make you uncomfortable, or even shock you. You might hear things that you had never anticipated, and you might not know how to react.

But before you get upset, consider this: when you’re turned on beyond belief, are you really thinking about what comes out of your mouth? Are you even aware of the little moans and sighs that you can’t seem to help?
It’s the same with a vivid fantasy — if it’s in your head, it’s probably going to be said at some point, no matter how raunchy or taboo it is.

That’s one of the cool things about mind-blowing sex: it completely destroys the filter that usually governs your mouth!

If your partner does feel free to say things to you that you’ve never heard before, try to contain your shock at what is being said. Remember: you’re hearing these things because you’ve built up the intimacy between
the two of you, and sharing these fantasies takes a huge measure of trust.

If he didn’t trust you, you wouldn’t be hearing his innermost thoughts and secrets! The fact that he has just told you something so intimate about his desires speaks volumes about how he feels about you. So be grateful
that he can say such things!

Granted, some of those fantasies can be gasp-inducing. It might be something as simple as asking you to wear high-heeled boots and fishnets in bed, or it might be something as jaw-dropping as mentioning he would
love to see you with another woman – or another man!

The images your good dirty talk paints in his head might swell into images that you never imagined would be there. This is a normal progression, and though you might be surprised at first, it’s important to
remember that this heightened intimacy is a good thing.

Try not to get offended by the fantasies he relates, but don’t take them as the gospel, either. Studies show that ninety percent of fantasies are just that – fantasy. They are things that turn you on when you think about them, but that you might not do in real life, given the opportunity.

Many people talk about what they would like to do, or what they might try one day, but few ever really pursue it. The fantasy is usually enough. Sharing those fantasies can lead to great sex between the two of you, but it
doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to have that great sex with three or four – or more!

If you’re into dirty talk, you’re already pretty open-minded. Keep that open mind when you’re in the heat of passion and discussing fantasies. Who knows? You might get into the scenario and be so turned on, it
becomes a fantasy of yours, too!

But when the bedroom games are over and it’s just the two of you in the afterglow, you might start to wonder about the things that came out of his mouth. Did he really mention how good it would be to see you with another man? Is he really into having two women in bed with him?

And Lord have mercy, did he really mean it when he said he wanted to visit a gay strip club?

You might hear some wild things when the inhibitions are unleashed.

How would you feel if you hear a few of them?

Here are some possibilities:

  • I want to see you in bed with another man.
  • I want to see you in bed with another woman.
  • I want to let my best friend have a go at you.
  • I want you to do me like my cousin did me.
  • I would love to be tied up and spanked.
  • I want you to go to a strip club and watch you get a lap dance.
  • I want you to watch me get a lap dance.
  • I want to try smoking weed while we get it on.
  • I want you to whip me.
  • I want to meet a stranger in a hotel room and have sex.
  • I want to dress up in your clothes.
  • I want to experiment with women and men.
  • I want to be fucked up the ass with a strap-on.
  • I want to spank you and make you call me Daddy.
  • I want you to bark like a dog while I fuck you.
  • I want to see you dress up in leather. (Or a French maid outfit, or hooker heels, etc.)
  • I want to make you my sex slave.

So…what do you think? Do any of those suggestions make you cringe?

Do any of them turn you on? Did some of them make you want to stop reading?

These are actually pretty tame compared to the vast fantasy worlds in our heads. Your man might have a very specific fantasy that takes a long time to explain. Or it might be something you’ve never heard of before.
Again, don’t judge it, and don’t try to turn him off to what he’s just told you. Remember the issue of trust, and how much it took for him to say those things to you.

Consider it a compliment!

Keep in mind: Your partner probably had a sexual past before you came along, and you might have been around the block a few times, too. Either way, just because he says it doesn’t mean he wants to do it, and just because he mentioned it doesn’t mean he’s already been down that road.

You can take those fantasies for what they are – dirty talk between two people in a passionate moment – or you can ask further questions.

But before you do that, keep in mind your own fantasies. What have you said in the heat of passion that you would never really do? Research shows that many women fantasize about being taken by more than one man,
but most of them would never actually try it. Research also shows that rape is a topic of many women’s fantasies, but none of them would ever really want it to happen!

What happens in our heads, in our most private thoughts, is often not something that meshes with our real life. That’s why it’s called a fantasy.

If you are still determined to get to the bottom of his fantasies, be warned: Do not ask if you don’t want to know! If you would prefer not to know about your partner’s sexual past, don’t ask him if certain fantasies
really happened. He might tell you the truth, and if you have any jealousy at all, you might turn green with envy and red with anger. Or he might lie to you, which breaks down the intimacy you’ve built, and makes him more likely to keep his thoughts to himself from here on out.

But if you’re entirely confident in your relationship and ready to be as adventurous as he is, by all means, discuss every fantasy that comes to mind. There’s nothing hotter than knowing what a devious sexual mind
your partner has, and opening that door can lead to some intense discussion – and who knows? One of those “whoa” moments just might lead to some intense encounters you never dreamed you would pursue!

Here Are Some Naughty Role Playing Tips And Tricks


he world of roleplaying is the cornerstone of dirty talk. Talking dirty often means telling a tale for your lover, slowly offering a fantasy in words, one that will turn them on by the images you paint in their mind.
Roleplaying takes that idea a step further and turns that fantasy into reality – – or as close to reality as it can get.

By now you are well into the world of dirty talk, and your lover has probably shared a thing or two about his fantasies and what he would love to do, if the opportunity ever arose. If those fantasies turn you on too, you
could consider making them a reality with roleplaying.

Some fantasies are so common that there are whole guidebooks, costumes, and even communities dedicated to the pursuit of them. Some of the roleplaying communities and activities might be far out of your comfort
zone, or you might find that something you never thought would appeal to you actually makes you feel rather comfortable.

That’s one of the best things about roleplaying: you don’t know if you like it until you try it, but if you DO like it, you like it quite a lot!

Has your partner talked about any of these? Do any of them light up the fire for you?

Here are a few naughty roleplaying scenarios:

  • A strict headmaster is seduced by a young student.
  • A virgin man gets deflowered by a prostitute.
  • An exacting piano teacher punishes a student for not practicing.
  • A pirate kidnaps a fair maiden and has his way with her.
  • The bad boy who was just released from prison finds himself attracted to his parole officer.
  • The inmate in the prison has an affair with the warden.
  • A married woman meets someone else for sex in a hotel.
  • A happy mother has sex with Santa Claus.
  • The doctor has his way with a patient.
  • The naughty nurse goes above and beyond the call of duty.
  • The personal trainer gets in some overtime.
  • The mechanic and the woman in distress work out a unique form of payment.
  • Meeting a stranger over the internet turns into a public sex encounter.
  • An unscrupulous director blackmails a porn star for sexual favors.
  • A woman is passed around between half a dozen men.
  • A man is tied down to the bed and forced to perform for various women.
  • A trainer teaches his “pony” how to perform for him.
  • Two anonymous strangers never speak or see each other’s faces, but they have a naughty anal session while they are together.
  • The maid offers services to the man of the house.
  • The babysitter takes care of more than just the babysitting.
  • The librarian hushes up the loud patron in a most unique way.

The roleplaying ideas can be absolutely endless. Even within one particular fantasy, there could be dozens of variations, each of them worthy of a shot for your roleplaying hall of fame. You can try every roleplaying
scenario you can think of and still not scratch the surface of what is possible!

But to begin your venture into roleplaying, choose something simple to do. Something that doesn’t need many props is always a good bet. If you are playing the librarian and patron, a simple suit and a pair of glasses, with your hair pulled up in a bun, will suit just fine. You should have a bookshelf nearby, filled with books, and plenty of opportunity to make noise in a hushed room. You should also have a severe attitude to go along with the librarian theme.

If you are being anonymous strangers, the biggest challenge will be finding a way to stay “anonymous” while having sex. Perhaps you pretend to meet in a hotel room after getting it on over the internet? One could be
waiting for the other, and the action could happen doggie-style. But of course, that is only one small idea out of the dozens that you could actually try!

Look on the internet or at a sex toy shop to find the proper roleplaying clothes if your situation calls for it. A French maid’s outfit is easy to find, and so is a pirate. Others might be more difficult or costly. If you are
playing a stripper, you might want to go with the traditional stripper heels and the pole, of course — and those things can take both time and money. It all depends on how far you really want to go with your roleplaying games.

Just as important as the costumes and attitude is the dirty talk! Tailor your dirty talk to fit the situation you are portraying. For instance, a librarian would be stuffy and correct until the passion took over, and then
her mouth might be as filthy as that of a sailor. The prisoner would be naughty, while the warden would try to see things in a more diplomatic fashion, and perhaps even mete out a punishment if a curse word were used.

Sometimes the best dirty talk is the most restricted, as in the case of the headmaster and student — you have to get very creative when the dirty talk wouldn’t fit the roleplaying game! In this case, you can consider
punishments for talking dirty, which might serve to heighten the situation even more.

Sometimes, a simple roleplaying game can turn into a complete lifestyle. For those who enjoy bondage or submission, their first forays into roleplaying might have been the catalyst that led them to choose a full-time
lifestyle. You never know what roleplaying can do, but you DO know that it can lead to a more intimate and fun relationship in the bedroom. And who doesn’t want to have the most fun possible behind closed doors?


Throughout this book we’ve talked quite a bit about dirty talk with a partner, and often our comments have been geared toward “him.” But what about the “her” side of the equation? When a woman talks dirty to another
woman, is it any different than when a woman talks dirty to a man?

The answer to that is yes…and no.

There seems to be a huge misconception floating around about women and dirty talk. So many times women are seen as the delicate flower, one that shouldn’t be sullied by dirty things. That includes sexual fantasies,
vivid sexual expression, and yes, even down and dirty naughty talk. It harkens back to a time when women were seen as the weaker sex, and were believed to need protection from all things that could “corrupt” their gentle and unassuming nature.

My, how times have changed!

Women are very much in charge of their lives. That includes every aspect of their lives, including their sexuality. Women’s enjoyment of porn, dirty talk, and other things once considered too “base” for the typical
woman has become more mainstream and accepted in recent years. The sexual revolution proved to women that they really could have sexual desires and fantasies that were just as strong — if not more so! — than that of their male counterparts.

Acting on that sexual side has become more common, and now women are empowered to handle their own bodies and seek their own pleasure. They want to hear those naughty words!

Some people still like to say that dirty talk is demeaning to women, and that they should only hear the most gentle and loving words from their partner. This comes from the same mindset that says women should only
have sex for procreation and should never watch porn. In this kind of mindset, there is no room for the lesbian woman or the gay man. The thought would never cross their minds!

Dirty talk is not demeaning. It isn’t demeaning when one woman is saying it to another, and it isn’t demeaning when a man says it, either. In fact, it’s just the opposite — it’s empowering.

Dirty talk is a way of opening up to pleasure and proving all those stereotypes wrong! It’s a way of asking for exactly what you want and having every expectation of getting it. Dirty talk opens the doors of sexual
communication between two people, and allows them to move forward into a more meaningful, insightful relationship. When you learn how to talk dirty to each other, you are learning more and more with every breath.

What relationship wouldn’t benefit from that?

As for technique when it comes to girl on girl dirty talk, it all comes down to doing what feels good, and enjoying every minute of it. Girl on girl dirty talk might be the kind of thing men dream about seeing in porn films,
and they have good reason — dirty talk, regardless of who is giving and receiving, is one of the hottest things around.

Any of the suggestions in this book can be tailored for the same sex relationship. Whether it’s a man talking to another man or a woman trying to get another woman hot, all the same rules apply. Always remember to
treat your partner with the utmost respect and courtesy, whether that be a man or woman — but once the bedroom door closes behind the two of you, absolutely anything goes. Don’t let preconceived notions of “the stronger sex” or “the weaker sex” get in the way of intimacy!


o far we’ve talked about almost everything that you need to get started down the dirty talk road. If you’re not there yet, you’re well on your way by now, and you might be getting curious about what comes next. What
happens when you are more comfortable with dirty talk and you’re in the mood to move out of your comfort zone?

You get hardcore, baby.

Getting into hard-core fantasies often means hard-core language. It might be hard to find the proper words to explain what’s in your head, but it can be done. It just takes some creativity and a lot of open mind. Being
completely uninhibited with your partner will open up wide horizons of the hard-core nature!

Remember those Internet searches you did when you were first thinking about talking dirty to your partner? Now is a good time to go back to those.

You’re getting better about talking dirty, and it’s becoming more and more spontaneous, but your vocabulary can broaden to include things that still surprise him and make his libido rise.

Go back to those porn videos, the ones you watched when you were first getting ideas for dirty talk. Watch them again, but now bring your more seasoned ear. Words that didn’t turn you on before might very well light your fires now.

As you watch, think about what your partner says to you, and how he reacts to your words. Which ones would trip his trigger?

Go back and pick up those erotic novels, too. Remember the short stories that were so hot they got the party started before you hit page 5? Go back to those and look at the stories that you deemed “too much” at the time you bought the book. How do you feel about them now that you have had a chance to explore the realm of dirty talk a bit more?

Bring your partner in on your thoughts. Games for couples are always good, so why not start there? Sitting fully clothed in your bedroom, start by throwing out words. Challenge him to come up with something hotter.
For instance, you might say “thrusting” and he might counter with “stroking.” Add more and more words until you are showering each other with naughtiness.

Does it make you blush? Does it make you laugh? Good! If you’re giggling and breathing harder and giving each other that coy look that means what you know it means, that means you’re getting comfortable with
the idea of the more hard-core dirty talk phrases.

This might be a good time to ask him which words turn him on. Asking when you’re in a relaxed, calm atmosphere, still fully clothed, takes off the sexual pressure. It gives you both a chance to really think about the words
you’ve been using and how you feel about them.

For example, he might have called you a “bitch” in bed last night, and you were surprised that it turned you on. But you would never want to be called such a name outside of the bedroom, for it would have an entirely
different connotation.

Now is the time to bring up those differences and talk about them with your partner, so there is no question about what is okay and what is not.

Here are a few phrases to consider. How do you feel about them?

  • I love your big, sexy dick.
  • Your cock is perfect for my pussy.
  • That pussy is yours to fuck, isn’t it? You want it, don’t you?
  • Shoot that come into my hot, wet cunt.
  • Give it to me, you sexy bastard.
  • Fuck me harder. Faster.
  • You like it when I’m giving you my come, don’t you? Suck it out of me.
  • You want to fuck my tits with your rod?
  • Make me gag on your cock.
  • You like it when your bitch rides your dick, don’t you?

All that talk about dirty talk just might lead to another heated encounter.

When it does, apply the new things you’ve learned, and don’t be afraid to branch out into things that might make you a little uncomfortable. Testing your boundaries is a good thing, and can lead to the kind of naughty talk that would make one of those porn stars blush!

Remember those fantasies we talked about earlier in this book? The hardcore fantasies that might make you say “whoa, back up a bit there!”?

You might find that you like a few of those fantasies, and your dirty talk might start to reflect that. If it does, consider that you might want to go even further into hardcore dirty talk, and begin throwing out phrases and words that might shock you.

In fact, try a few of these on for size.

Are you ready to go this far?

  • Shoot the jism all over my fucking pussy.
  • I’m gonna swallow buckets of your spooge and then you’re going to lick it from my tongue.
  • You want to suck my dick after I’ve fucked your ass, you filthy whore?
  • I’m going to ride you like a motherfucking jackhammer.
  • Lick your come out of my pussy. Do it, pussy boy.
  • I’m going to blow it up your ass.
  • Suck my balls while I come on your clit. Do it. Get down there.
  • Think I can take your whole hand up my slutty cunt? Let’s find out.
  • Spank that pussy, you bad boy.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with the filthy dirty talk you might find coming out of your mouth. When you’re too hot to see straight, there is no telling what you will say. Some of your deepest, darkest fantasies are bound to come out.

And that is a very good thing!

Let’s go back one more time to those hardcore fantasies. Sometimes, dirty talk just isn’t enough…sometimes, you need a little extra pep to get where you need to be with a serious roleplaying game. And how do you do that, you ask? Simple. Sex toys!

You can fulfill some of those fantasies with the help of interesting and reliable sex toys. For instance, if your lover mentioned how much he would love to see you fuck another man while he watches, make it happen –
figuratively. Choose a dildo that looks like a man’s penis, and the next time he mentions that particular fantasy, introduce him to your new toy. With a few well-placed words, you can set the hardcore stage for a fantasy that will blow him away!

Another option would be the “more than one woman” fantasy. You can make this happen with a Pocket Pussy, a small sex toy that is designed to look and feel just like a woman’s vagina. Blindfold him or climb on top of
him, settling your pussy over his face, and when he’s really into what you’re doing to each other, introduce the sex toy by murmuring to him about how much you would love to fulfill that fantasy and see him with other women. Slide the Pocket Pussy down over his dick…and you can take it all from there!

These are the most basic examples of what you can do to incorporate your dirty talk and sex toys into hardcore play. The opportunities are endless! Just keep the communication going and the intimacy alive, and your dirty talk experience will be a stunning, screaming success!


You’re done a great job in learning this new language of dirty talk. But don’t stop now! There are countless words to use in bed, and you’ve just scratched the surface.

Experiment to your heart’s content, and ask your lover to experiment with you. Nothing is so sweet as something that has been learned together…especially if that something is decidedly naughty!
And look what the dirty talk led to! Between the role playing and the fantasies, the games and the toys, you’ve got a world of possibilities open to you.

Hopefully you’ve gained much more than some excitement in the bedroom. By now you’ve learned how to ask for what you want in bed, which has increased your satisfaction.

And what about that guy who gives you the pleasure you love? The intimacy you have between the two of you is only getting better, and sometimes you could swear the electricity between the two of you could
light up the whole town. It’s a sure bet it lights up the world between the sheets, over and over again.

So why are you still reading this? It’s time to go to the bedroom, grab your hot lover, and talk dirty!

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Denise Brienne has always had a passion for men and writing. Her love of the written word began when she was in college, when she discovered journaling as an outlet for the things running through
her head and heart. The day she started writing about a tumultuous relationship in her journal was the day she learned just what powerful emotions the words could convey. Today, Denise is a best selling relationship author with many exciting works under her belt. Her books focus on helping women spice up their intimate relationships, solve problems in the bedroom and explore their sensual side