Book Reviews

Excellent Guide – Even For Writers!

I like this book for a number of reasons.

The author immediately addresses the issue of “good dirty talk”, which is something I believe you can do, still spice things up (a LOT), and avoid the stigma of negative or demeaning dirty talk.

This book is VERY comprehensive, which I also appreciate when I’m purchasing a book, regardless of the price. I am not a fan of writers that cover one topic briefly in order to get people to buy additional books on the same topic. You don’t have to worry about that here.

I think this is a great resource for writers, too. I’m a contemporary romance (probably bordering on erotica) author, and honestly I think she covered this topic so well that it will be a resource for me going forward.

She covers “why”, the importance of intimacy (which I love), ideas, how to set the stage, and then yes – specifics. :)

~Kate Bellevue

Fun Stuff!

The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty is a fun and informative guide for individuals and couples who want to build their intimacy level and heat things up in the bedroom. I read this with my wife and we took turns reading out loud to each other (try it!) and we found it to be exciting and entertaining. It’s mostly gauged towards the female audience, but I highly recommend it to adventurous couples who like to play around and spice things up a bit.

Some of the phrases the author recommends are a bit hardcore and I got a kick out of a few of them. If you’re already an experienced dirty talker this is still an entertaining read. Chapters cover many different scenarios, like talking dirty in public, “sexting”, cybersex, girl on girl, phone sex, setting the mood, and tons more. Denise Brienne delivers this taboo content in a tasteful way that will encourage dirty talkers of all experience levels. Give it a try!


Improves your sex life

A lot of us human beings just underestimated the power of the spoken word. In the bedroom sex can be all powerful and consuming and saying the right thing at the right time can be critical to a great sex life. There are times we just don’t appreciate that fact. Denise Brienne’s book at least puts these dirty words in perspective and tells you when the right time to deliver the words of love should be done. This book heralded another interesting angle on improving your sex life and well worth it.

~K. Hedges “hertstore”

There’s the language of love, and the language of lust!

This book opens another dimension of your love making. Most of us know the language of love, the tender words that express our deepest feelings for one another; but there is also the language of lust, which we too often keep locked up inside. It is these potential expressions of “Naughtiness” that far better express our feelings of lust. The partner you love, of course, wants to know you love him or her, but that partner also wants to know you feel lust as well. This book helps you to uninhibit those expressions of lust for your partner, not often an easy task. From early childhood we’ve been programed to keep dirty talk to ourselves. Tis book is an excellent tool to undo those early inhibiting lessons so you can share your feelings in a most intimate and sexy way.

~Othniel J. Seiden

Talking Dirty Made Easy

Denise brings the taboo of talking dirty down to an accessible level filled with both comfort and ease. The art of talking dirty is not something to take lightly, nor is it a power to be over-used or abused. Talking dirty is a powerful tool which can be added to your arsenal of love weapons; bringing your partner in, making them feel more wanted, and giving your relationship a feeling of greater productivity and intimacy, as a result. Denise writes this short and succinct book on the subject matter more from the angle that the reader may have never talked dirty a day in their life; with step-by-step tips, instructions, and ideas on how to take them from zero to hero in practically no time, at all. The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty is, however, not just for the novice user; more advanced users are invited and welcome to refresh their skills, as well as learn a few new tricks as Denise sheds light on this once darkened topic. Even if you’re not in a relationship currently, this book can help singles, as well, to enrich their dating experiences, and hopefully make their soon-to-be relationships much easier and much stronger. Denise writes mostly for the female audience, however, I strongly recommend this book for men, as well. Men can learn a lot from this book, both from the perspective of studying the female sexual dynamic, as well as how to talk dirty themselves; both to their partners, and in understanding what they themselves want to hear.

~Jonathan Harris “DUCK”